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A Refractometer is an instrument that measures the concentration of an aqueous solution by measuring its refractive index. All water-based solutions will make light bend. The bending of light increases at a rate proportional to the increasing solution concentration. The hand held Refractometer is a precise optical instrument that is small and light as well as being easy to operate and recalibrate.

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REF 103 0-32% Brix

  • This model was developed for most general purpose work.
  • Measuring range: 0-32% Brix
  • Minimum scale: 0.2%

• Metal body
• Cushioned rubber eyepiece
• Calibration screen
• Rubber hand grip blocks hand heat
• Prism mounted in high impact plastic
• Non-roll stand

Range: 0 to 32%
Resolution: 0.2%
Applications: Fruit juices, soft drinks and industrial fluids.

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Digital Brix Meter

  • Wide range 0-85% Brix
  • Accurate to ±0.2% Brix
  • Easy to clean and recalibrate.

• Sugar content (Brix%) is digitally displayed
• Wide measuring range (0 - 90 Brix%)
• High resolution (0.1 Brix%)
• Temperature Compensation Function
• Easy-operation - just apply sample
• High-performance at a Low price
• Light-weight and compact handheld size
• Easy-to-read LCD with backlight
• Battery operated
• Reliable water proof structure (IP 65)
• Automatic power off

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