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LogTag Analyser Software Screenshot

LogTag Analyser Software Screenshot


LogTag Analyser Software 3.1r9

LogTag® Analyzer 3

This is the new & improved companion software recommended to you if you own a LogTag® product.

Redeveloped in Microsoft .NET 4 for increased stability & performance.

Backward compatible with previous software versions.

Updated User Interface with new controls & improved layout.

This latest release of LogTag® Analyzer 3 is now feature complete, including configuration profiles, import/export of option settings, configuration and download logging and also allows configuration and download of USB loggers.

It addresses further feedback we received, particularly around the user interface and its appearance.

LTA 3 currently supports: English, German, Russian and Spanish with progress being made on additional languages.


LogTag Analyser 3
LTA3 User Guide
LTA3 Software Validation Certificate

LogTag Analyser Software Screenshot