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Global Temperature Monitoring provide a range of monitoring solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Wireless monitoring systems allow for a semi permanent installation of data loggers to continuously monitor and record the temperature conditions in your storage/ processing facility. Alarms and alerts can be configured to be sent instantaneously by email and temperature conditions can be viewed in near real time through the freely available mobile app.

Our range of Food Safety Labels are an inexpensive, unobtrusive way to monitor process temperature conditions with the labels changing colour once the specified temperature has been reached.

Our Export Recorders are a tried and tested way to monitor your expensive export commodities during transport. Available in either strip chart or the new data logger variety, they are an inexpensive way to ensure your goods are traveling at the correct temperature.

Online Wireless Monitoring

Wireless Data Loggers allow for continuous monitoring of your storage conditions with instant alerts for out of range conditions.

 Food Safety Labels

Food Safety Label Products

Food Safety Labels allow for non destructive temperature monitoring of a range of conditions from industrial dishwashers to human forehead temperatures.

Export Recorders

Food Safety Label Products

Export recorders allow you to independently record the temperature of your export shipments.