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Temperature measurement and monitoring is an integral part of storage and warehousing to ensure conformance to product quality standards. GTM products can be installed in a broad range of applications such as Museums, Laboratories, Wineries, Greenhouses, Food Processing Plants and Chemical Plants.

Large warehouses and storage facilities are likely to exhibit a range of different temperature zones (for example there may be a temperature gradient at walls or ceilings due to air flow). Continuous temperature monitoring guarantees that goods are being stored in product-specified conditions and any problem areas can be quickly identified.

Our real-time monitoring systems provide auditable records for effective temperature management. Some devices provide alarms on pre-set min/max temperatures. If an alarm is raised when the business is unattended an alerting function can call a series of pre-programmed phone numbers.

  • Provides auditable records for effective temperature management
  • Prevents the potential loss of costly temperature sensitive items
  • Monitors and records the temperature profile during a process
  • High precision temperature monitoring (down to +/- 0.1oC accuracy)

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Click here for more information on food storage courtesy of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

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