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IP (Ingress Protection) Rating

Most of our instruments have an IP number stated in the specifications.

This IP number consists of “IP” and two numbers, the first of which indicates the ability of the instrument to resist the ingress of solids (usually dust). The second indicates the ability to resist the ingress of liquids (usually water) into the internal workings of the instrument.

For thermometers and data loggers the second number indicating resistance to liquid ingress is the most important. The higher the number the better applies in both for solids and liquids.

There are variations also used for other types of hazard such as electrical hazard (used in electrically live equipment and/or impact), but these generally do not apply to thermometers and data loggers.

Set out below is a summary of the IP number as it applies to thermometers and data loggers and should be read in conjunction with the model’s specifications.

It should be noted that IP rating is not automatically the same for different models of the same instrument. For instance the LogTag Multi Use and Single Use loggers are both rated IP65 whereas the External sensor model is only rated IP61, but the temperature and humidity logger must be used vertically to have the same protection.