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New range of thermal indicator labels now available. Colour changes once the specific temperature has been met. This is just a small sample of labels available, please contact us if you have a temperature range in mind.

TDI Label

Thermal Disinfection Labels

  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Accurate to ±1°C of rated temperature
  • Gives a permanent record of thermal disinfection temperature achieved
  • Please call to confirm pricing and availability

The Triple Level Temperature Indicating Label has been developed and independently tested to withstand the extreme conditions within an Industrial Dishwasher.

T.D.I’s - An irreversible colour change from white/grey to black when standard dish washer (65°C), thermal/chemical disinfection (71ºC) or thermal disinfection (82°C) temperatures have been reached.

TDI's success is the special adhesive backing that can not only withstand the full wash cycle but can also be simply peeled off at the end of the line and stuck on the weekly check-list, providing a permanent traceable record of the dishwasher's performance. Simply stick the label on a metal platter or container, put it in the dishwasher for a normal cycle and take the reading at the end. The result is irreversible, and the label can be stuck on your records.

Available in packets of 25, 50 or rolls of 1000

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CookCheck - Instant Cook Temperature Sensor

  • Instantaneous "cook" check
  • Totally reusable - Simply wash the sensor before next use
  • Each Cook Sensors pack contains one poultry, beef and fish sensor
  • Please call to confirm pricing and availability

Cooking foods to a temperature that will kill any harmful bacteria is important to prevent illness. This particularly applies to cooking meat and when reheating precooked meals.

These unique food grade polycarbonate Cookcheck® cook sensors allow you to check that food is properly cooked to temperatures that kill harmful bacteria. Use with all conventional cooking methods, microwaves and barbeques.

Simply insert the special sensor tip into the cooking food and a vivid colour change will show when the food is "cooked" and safe to eat. For Poultry, Steaks, Burgers, Sausages, Lamb, Pork and Fish. Ideal for BBQ's.

Simple to Use

Insert sensor tip into the centre of the thickest section of the cooking meat or fish. Wait 5 to 10 seconds. Remove the sensor and check the tip for colour change. Food is properly cooked when the dot turns from black to red. If the dot remains black continue cooking and repeat test until the dot turns red. Wash the sensor thoroughly before each use.

Cookcheck® sensors can be used with any method of cooking – grilling, baking, boiling, frying, barbecuing and microwaving. Using Cookcheck® sensors avoids potential over or undercooking, particularly with BBQ cooking and the associated health risks in this method of cooking. The sensors can be used on whole pieces, cuts, sausages and pies. The Beef Sensor shows when steak is rare, medium or well done.

The special foodsafe thermochromic coating bonded to the tip reacts to the cooking temperature of the food surrounding it. The colour change stops when removed from the source of the heat.

The Colour Changing Tip:

All sensors with the exception of the Beef Sensor have a binary colour changing tip:

  • Black before use and when still under cooked
  • Red when it reaches the cooked temperature.
The Beef Sensor has a three part tip to enable steaks to be cooked perfectly to exact requirements: Uncooked, Rare, Medium, Well Done

Available in packs of 3 containing 1 x Meat 1 x Poultry 1 x Fish or packs of 10 individual meat, fish or poultry.
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Temperature Safety Indicator - Traffic Light

  • Visual warning indicator
  • Reusable
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Please call to confirm pricing and availability

Large, easy to read 52mm x 46mm label. Label changes colour when temperature has exceeded set limits:

Green below 50C safe to touch
Yellow between 50C and 70C CAUTION
Red above 70C DANGER

No Batteries
Non Toxic
Use for Worksafe
Pictorial warning

Available in packets of 10

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